Excavating with H.C Le Snout

Pierre has warned me against excavating in Dizzywood, but he’ll see. I’ll find him evidence of Dizzywood’s long sought out Ancients. I still believe they continue to roam these lands, and you should too. My research on these elusive fantasical creatures began years ago when I was still able to count my age on two hands.

Papa had taken me on a hike. Papa decided to take a break, eat some snacks and ponder the hike ahead of us. My legs were not ready to rest, so I journeyed on my own for a few minutes. “Not too far”, father said.

Pierre was never a fan of Papa’s hikes, but he loved when it was snack time, so he stayed behind as usual and played in the kitchen. It’s no wonder he became a great chef! I remember staring at the ground, kicking pebbles aside, and noticing a shiny bundle of feathers in assorted colors. I picked away some rocks, and noticed they were all stuck together. They did not appear to look like the average parcel of feathers, by no means belonging to any bird.

I’d uncovered something fascinating and unknown, and couldn’t wait to take it back to Papa! I placed the feathers in my side pocket, and glanced down. To my own disbelief there was a rather large footprint in the earth below me. Large I tell you! How large? Large enough for me to lay down inside of it. Yes, that large!


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