Dizzywood Spends Halloween with Bay Area School

Written by Dizzywood Team on October 31, 2008 – 8:45 am

We’ve been working with fourth and fifth graders from Bel Aire Elementary, a Bay Area school, on ways to use Dizzywood in the classroom. These students, just like many of you, have been spending time exploring Dizzywood, learning how to work together to complete missions, and become acquainted with the Dizzywood story.

Because today is Halloween, we thought it would be a great idea to have them share their scary stories with all of you! So grab a cup of hot chocolate, turn down the lights, and be prepared to be spookified!

Thank you Bel Aire students for sharing your scary stories with all of us!

Happy Halloween from Bel Aire!


Hallowen Party is a go!!!

Happy Halloween Dizzywood Explorers!

The Dizzywood Party Planner has advised us that she is all done with the decorations, and would love for everyone to put on their favorite costume and come on in for some major dance partying! The dance floor is large enough for all your friends, so bring them with you!

Make sure to turn the volume up on your computer so you can hear the music! The music will have you dancing all night long! (You won’t even notice the sun come up, as long there are still bats around)

We’ve all heard what happens when a black cat crosses your path, right? Make sure you don’t see any walking around in Dizzywood! We’ve been hearing rumors that people are changing the color of their Cat Critter to be black! And it sure looks spooky!

Oh yes! And the most important thing of all, how do you get to the Halloween Costume Dance Party? Well that is our trick to you! (Hint: Click on a tombstone in Prestos Edge)

Have fun Explorers!

dw thing

ok i found a new a new present it iz at the prestos edge.



And heres where to find the thing when we have OUR dance party ON DW.

Click it to go there!

Click it to go there!(CLICK ON THE RIP SIGN!)

Once u click it u’ll be HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

”]LETS PARTY THE DANCE FLOOR!!!![click the pumpkin to get outta there]☼jbgurl☼

Breaking news for Pathfinders

Chief Pathfinder Burrows here with a special bulletin for Pathfinders only. Please type in your Pathfinder password to read the full message. If you have forgotten your password, refer to your Pathfinder Directives page in your Dizzywood backpack.

It’s great to see you doing a fantastic job fulfilling your duties as a Dizzywood Pathfinder. I do hope you haven’t been running into many problems. Well, onto the breaking news, shall we?

I’ve just got news that the Halloween Costume Dance Party is ready! You’re ready to boogie, correct?

I thought it would only be right for Pathfinders to be among the first to know about it, and to be the first to survey the dance floor to make sure it’s up to code. To get there go to Prestos Edge and walk across the bridge. Go in the direction as if you were going to go to Explorers Camp. Next to the sign, you’ll see a small tombstone that says R.I.P on it. Click on that tombstone and you’ll be on your way to getting the party started!

Happy Halloween Pathfinders, and keep up the good work! Make sure to check back for future sneak previews!

Halloween Costume Dance Party!!!

Halloween is just a few days away! Do you have your best costume ready?

We’ve been scouting out a good place to hold our Halloween Costume Dance Party, and we’re having no luck! We did however come across this place

What do you think? Should we have the party here? It’s not too spooky, right? A couple empty grave stones, bats, and who knows what else…

Gather around for a scary storry!!!

There’s an old story that no one ever likes to talk about in Dizzywood …

We’re not even sure that we should tell it now, because it’s said that anyone that listens to the story and retells it will-

Did you hear that-deep voices-coming from below our feet-the sound of awakened Jaguar Ghosts-and it sounds like they’re-

Sssshhh! We can’t let them know that you’re listening! We’ll try and tell you as much as we can before it gets too dark.

Strange behavior began to haunt Dizzywood years and years ago. We weren’t around then, but this story has been passed down from generation to generation from explorers just like you.

It all began when people started exploring the Crystal Catacombs and hiking deeper into Elder Mines. Explorers got greedy, and began taking every crystal their little hands could grab, stuffing everything into their backpacks. One explorer, no one can remember her name, swore that she heard voices coming from within the walls. She closed her eyes hoping that when she opened them the sounds would go away. But they didn’t. The voices grew louder. Ear-piercing as if they were getting closer. She looked behind, calling for her partner, “Is that you? Where are you? I can’t see you!”

The small torch that she held to guide her through the mines soon blew out. The air around her grew cold and she found it harder to breath. Remembering she had a flashlight in her backpack just in case, she reached back to pull it out. When she took it out, she realized that it felt lighter then usual. There were no batteries! Someone had taken them out!

We’re sorry, but we cannot continue with the story. It is getting much too dark now, and we shouldn’t take the risk. What do you think happened next? Do you have a scary story to share? Let’s hear it!

^^dw mission pumpkin thingy^^

i cant take pictures cuz im on a diffrent computer account and it dosent let me take pictures on dizzywood.and on the other computer account something had happened to my account it wont let me log me into dizzywood.so im useing moochi’s pictures.

first pumpkin peice:

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but it wont stick together???


THANKS moochi for letting me use ur pics vist her site click here to go there