3 new places!!!

There are 3 new places in Dizzywood.
They are The observatory,the reef and the Lair of Articus
i’ll add the photos tommorow

The observatory

Lair of Articus


3 Responses

  1. how do you get to the lair of arcticus?

    Likerofknowledge1:sorry i dont have any pictures to get to lair of articus first go the chasm take the key from there then go to presto edge first click the key then click the Crystal keyhole which is in the middle of presto’s edge
    hope u liked it

  2. how do i get to that Under water thinggy

  3. to get to the reef,go to the beach,fish for the diving supplies or u can get it from the beach shop

    Then go to the left of breakwater bexh,u will be in the reef

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