Kat is the New Chief Poobah!!

Citizens of Dizzywood have elected Kat de Claw as the new Chief Poobah!

DW: Congratulations Kat! How does it feel to be the new Chief Poobah?

Kat: Thank you everyone that voted for me! I can’t say that I wasn’t beginning to worry that Melinda was going to take the race, but in the end, my supporters rallied non-stop for my campaign. I’m wasting no time at all on my campaign promise, and have already begun to clear the roads to Canal City to bring about business. I just want to let all of you that voted for me, and those of you that didn’t know that I will work just as hard as Presto, if not harder, to maintain a secure land for you! This feels so great, thanks a bunch! Now it’s time to get ready for Halloween!


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