Play against the best!

Professor Nebulo Nocturne, Articus Frost, and the self-proclaimed ruler of the Dizzy oceans, Octavius Rex have opened the doors to their lairs. Explore Dizzywood to find their entrances, or ask fellow citizens if they’ve found their way in. Some of these places might require a special key, or particular piece of equipment to enter so keep your eyes on the lookout. (Tip: Look to your Missions Tab to help you find a way in!)

You may not know this, but these are three of the best Force Field players in the known lands! Professor Nebulo Nocturne, being the best among the three, has come out undefeated in the World Cup Championships of Force Field. If you think you stand a chance against these three, step up! Get started by clicking on the Force Field Mission and level up your skills. Each time you defeat your opponent you will level up and be that much closer to challenging these three great players!

Good luck!

no pictures!! sorry


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