A dizzywood haunting!!!

Do you feel it creeping up behind you Explorers……it’s coming and there’s no way of escaping it. Cloud Sprites are whispering that a dense fog is rolling in, bringing with it an unforgiving, nightmarish darkness. What this darkness will bring to Dizzywood, nobody knows.

Halloween used to be a time of fun and games, tricks and treats, but something tells us this Halloween will be quite different. Stay in your homes if you wish to steer clear of any danger, or dare to gather your friends and explore this darkness head on.

You’re guaranteed a spine-chilling time as you and your friends take part in this year’s Halloween festivities! Get limited, spooky, extravagant costumes! Throw Halloween parties with your buddies! Trick or treat for candy corn! It will be a Dizzywood Haunting you won’t soon forget!

*You can now buy costumes by clicking on the Scarecrows in Prestos Edge, and by completing the Candy Corn Mission! Have fun!


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