Breaking news for Pathfinders

Chief Pathfinder Burrows here with a special bulletin for Pathfinders only. Please type in your Pathfinder password to read the full message. If you have forgotten your password, refer to your Pathfinder Directives page in your Dizzywood backpack.

It’s great to see you doing a fantastic job fulfilling your duties as a Dizzywood Pathfinder. I do hope you haven’t been running into many problems. Well, onto the breaking news, shall we?

I’ve just got news that the Halloween Costume Dance Party is ready! You’re ready to boogie, correct?

I thought it would only be right for Pathfinders to be among the first to know about it, and to be the first to survey the dance floor to make sure it’s up to code. To get there go to Prestos Edge and walk across the bridge. Go in the direction as if you were going to go to Explorers Camp. Next to the sign, you’ll see a small tombstone that says R.I.P on it. Click on that tombstone and you’ll be on your way to getting the party started!

Happy Halloween Pathfinders, and keep up the good work! Make sure to check back for future sneak previews!


5 Responses

  1. where do u get a bunnycorn?

  2. to get a bunnycorn,go to Jaguar Temple, and collect the big crystals after that go back to explorer’s camp and give it to Kan the Geomancer.Kan will transform your crystal critter into a critter for 2000 coins.

    Hope it helped u…

  3. hey but theres no more big crystal in the temple wat do i do now?? plz help mi

  4. the password is shadow

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