Hallowen Party is a go!!!

Happy Halloween Dizzywood Explorers!

The Dizzywood Party Planner has advised us that she is all done with the decorations, and would love for everyone to put on their favorite costume and come on in for some major dance partying! The dance floor is large enough for all your friends, so bring them with you!

Make sure to turn the volume up on your computer so you can hear the music! The music will have you dancing all night long! (You won’t even notice the sun come up, as long there are still bats around)

We’ve all heard what happens when a black cat crosses your path, right? Make sure you don’t see any walking around in Dizzywood! We’ve been hearing rumors that people are changing the color of their Cat Critter to be black! And it sure looks spooky!

Oh yes! And the most important thing of all, how do you get to the Halloween Costume Dance Party? Well that is our trick to you! (Hint: Click on a tombstone in Prestos Edge)

Have fun Explorers!


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