Investigating with Spy Bear

He’s got high-tech gadgets, night vision goggles, and a treehouse full of the best equipment to keep a safe guard on Dizzywood. Does he work alone? Oh, no! By no means would this hard working spy be able to keep watch on Withering’s sleight of hand without help.

Spy Bear is his name, and investigating is his game. He delegates swarms of bumbling Agent Bees to follow any trail that could possibly lead to trouble in the ‘Wood. Some of you may not know of him, and if you don’t, well you must! He hides out up in the trees of the beautiful Wildwood Glen. Visit him with a collection of honey and he’ll make sure to equip you with all the necessary equipment!

If you’re already equipped with spy gear, wear it with pride and be prepared to see some missions coming in from Spy Bear himself!



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