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Hey Guys! Survivor91 posting.

Here a few updates from the latest edition of the Penguin Times!

Club Penguin Game Cheats:

As you all know, Coins for Change is returning December 12th. So start saving up!

It looks like we will be able to dig up candy canes in the treasure hunt game!

Also, Rockhopper will be returning sometime next week, and he has also planned something interesting for us, and will also help out with Coins for Change. Hopefully this time, he will have a different gift to give when you meet him, other than the background.

Also, here are the new Christmas items added to the Treasure Book! They are pretty cool huh?

* Rockhopper Returns sometime next week on Club Penguin
* The December Edition of the Penguin Style Catalog will be available from tomorrow to January 2nd.
* “Quest of the Golden Puffle” (Play) Returns on December 12th.
* Coins for Change begins December 12th and ends December 22nd (Important)
* Christmas Party begins on December 19th and ends on the 29th. (Can’t wait for this one!)

So thats it for now guys! See ya sometime soon!


And here is a sneak peek secret of the clothing catalog coming tomorrow.


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