Dzzywood Citizens Go Purple!!

Happy Purple Day everyone!

After my morning cup of orange juice, I walked outside, took a deep breath and smelled purple mania! This is going to be such a fun day. I’ve already taken my first purple picture, so I thought I’d share it with you. My first stop was Prestos Edge, but don’t worry, I’ll be walking everywhere, and in all servers looking for citizens that have gone purple crazy. (Look, they’ve even got purple critters in the club!)

Keep checking back. I’ll be posting pictures throughout the day!

Purple mania continues…

It’s about lunch time for me now so I thought I would make a quick stop at Breakwater Beach to say “Happy Purple Day” to my buddy Cecil Sideshuffle. And of course, I found some more purple crazy friends!

And the purple madness keeps going strong…

My afternoon proved to be just as fun as my morning. My gal pal, Kat deClaw took in the smiles and dancing that was happening just a few feet away from her in the Garden Gazebo!

srry no pictures bcoz my compter is not accepting phtos


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