Help Inspire Brooke’s Interior Design

Written by Brooke Lodgington on December 8, 2008 – 6:11 pm –

Well, it looks like I missed Amelia’s Purple Day! Sounds like it was a fabulous event, and judging by her photos, I’d have to say you all look great in purple. I wonder what color you will all vote on next time.

So, what was I saying?

Oh yes! You all know what I love more then anything in this world, right? No?

Oh, come on darlings, I love design! But the sad news is, I’m currently going through this phase in my life where I need to redecorate my home. I suppose it’s the change in weather, or something like that, but I need to rearrange everything in my home right now! It’s just driving me mad! I’ll get over it, so don’t go worrying about me.

I bet you’re all having better luck at this then I am, so I hope you all don’t mind that I’m going to tour your homes this Thursday in hopes of finding some inspiration!

Mark it on your calendar darlings, this Thursday December 11, I’ll be touring your extraordinary Dizzywood homes!

Your One-Stop Gal for Fabulous Furnishings,



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