new CP things


Also,the new Club Penguin treasure book is here!!!!!! Club Penguin toys from Series 1 cannot access this book, other than the puffle toy. Check out these pictures of the treasure book.

Here’s the first page. They brought the lighthouse shirt.


On the second page there are some cool outfits for dancing like the ballerina and penguin band shirt. The blue shoes are also included.


On page 3 of the treasure book there is some winter outdoors clothing.


Page 4 has some medieval clothing like in the medieval party.


Christmas clothing can be found on page 5 of the treasure book.


Clothing for the Quest for the Golden Puffle play can be found on page 6.


PSA Secret agent clothing is on page 7 of the treasure book.


Superhero clothing can be found on page 8 of the book.


Page 9 has the exclusive winter clothing from the sneak peek.


You can unlock two items for every treasure book code. You can also purchase puffles, or 500 coins. With every purchase of a treasure book code 1500 coins are given free along with two items. In other news, Rockhopper and Coins for Change have left Club Penguin. The results for Coins for Change will be posted on Christmas, December 25.

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