Ask Likerofknowledge

Here u can ask me personal questions!!!


19 Responses

  1. can i be your helper too plz?i promise i wont be mean or i am not mean.Thx
    Arijah plz

  2. likerofknowledge can i meet ya on dw so we can take a pic? i would like to take a picture with all my workers on dw

  3. ok

  4. wait wait no nvm

  5. sorry i didnt meet u my computer is not working

  6. wheres the boutiful bat srry i spelled that wrong! Lol!

  7. u can see my post

  8. ccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn
    if u dont know wat tht sayz it says:can i meet u?
    vIst pLz

  9. sPpPPpPp can i put something in thw widget bar?its something about club penguin and the free itmes………………….

  10. oh wait i cant do it..well heres the link:

  11. yes u can do it

  12. likerofknowledge,can u post some stuff on my blog?Plz?u can post anything on it.

  13. ok


  14. can u post some stuff on my blog?

  15. ill try

  16. ok whats ur email?

  17. where is farthhings pond

  18. When u get onto Dw,go to presto’s edge and if u see a “Winter Festival”sign,click on tht and u will be at the pond.

  19. Ledger,hehe,the reason ur banner wasent working was because the HTML code was wrong…..

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