Woton’s Awsome 100,000 Hits Party!

Woton had a awesome party at the dock on the server Fjord.It was the best ever party Woton held.He was adding some around 15 penguins.Suddenly he said “Im adding” .So I just sended him a buddy request and guess what,he added me!!!Im so happy.Here are some featured penguins from the party.(Credit to woton for the pictures)
2.YOda ADs
5.Loki Terry
6.Oreo 8000
7.Lil Suad
8.Penguin mara
11.Mileysis22 (I think she is Cellie’s friend)

Here are 2 pictures from the party.


Did you come to Woton’s Party?Comment here with your opinions


Winter Fiesta Party 2009 cheats!!!

The party is cool!!!I love the decorations.There is only 1 free item.That is a mini sombrero.It is in the cove

Workers needed urgently!!!!

I want workers for posting about dizzywood and Club Penguin.
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Winter Fiesta Sneak Peek!!

Heres a exclusive sneak peek of the Winter Fiesta



Ok,im gonna quit my webby but I’ll still be on my chat.The reason why i am quitting is because,everyone is quitting,and u i barely get ANY comments on posts here.And no one even goes  to my parties or watever……….and plus I’ve been spending more time on the computer than outside.And i used to go to lots of sleepovers$stuff..and i wanna really get back to that.It’s finally snowing down in NC,it snowed yesterday.I really wanna go out and play in it but im stuck in the computer room chatting with people i dont even know in Real Life.They could even be a stalker or killer you never know o.O.But still,i get no comments on post on this website.So im gonna Quit my site since no one cares.


Download My toolbar

Hi Everyone.I was not posting bcoz i couldn log on to wordpress.
Heres the link to my toolbar


Hope u download it.

Member Party-Update

Wow – There’s been a lot of buzz about the member event that starts on Thursday! We’re glad you’re excited about it! Dancing is such a fun part of Club Penguin already, and we wanted to use this party to take it a few steps further!

Get ready to break down some super cool moves because there’s going to be a lot of music and tons of room to dance–you can even get together with your friends and compete in the new Dance Contest Game! There are some cool things planned at the Night Club for the party, including three floors to explore and a chance to meet DJ Cadence! Check out this image–it’s just a bit of what you can expect on Thursday when the party starts.

dance.jpgRemember, the party starts on Thursday, Jan. 15 and goes until Sunday, Jan. 18!