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  1. can i but i dont no wat 2 do becoz i joind word press and now im stuck

  2. just make a blog about anything u like

  3. thnxx lol xoxox how do i set it up????????????

  4. just go on wordpress.com
    sign up
    thats all

  5. Um…http://happyami.wordpress.com/ yeah thats all!

  6. but it still doznt work it has all these weird lists and its so confusing

  7. reply and help

  8. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont b mean

  9. can i make for u????
    if u want me to

  10. hi thanks for puting where the pumpkin is your blog is the best and here my blog http://crazymay.wordpress.com

  11. WOW 2,000 hits alreadY! :8O KEWL!!!!!!!!

  12. thanks

  13. ok…………………?
    read my comment on my page n thx 4 being the onl y1
    2 comment so far…………….again thx!

  14. dargongold.wordpress.com

  15. yes plzzzzzzzzzz

  16. make one for me

  17. Mines new and it dose’nt have pics… 😀

  18. YOU MEAN THIS http://gandapogi's weblog.wordpress.com


  20. http://www.mateobeccar.wordpress.com
    It’s awesome!! Lots of cool pages!

    dargongold: HIS SITE ROCKS!!!!!

  21. ligi99.wordpress.com today 😉

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