Pathfinders Answers

1: What is the name of the evil villain in dizzywood? A1: Emperor Withering with his mysterious plots.

Q2: How do you get to the crystal catacombs? A2: Fall from a plateau in the Jaguar temple.

Q3: Which of the following is NOT a dizzywood rule? A3: No dancing.

Q4: How do you move from plateau to plateau in the Jaguar temple? A4: Use the levetation power.

Q5:What should you do if someone asks you for personal information? A5: Remind them it’s not safe and it’s against the rules.

Q6:What is a good way to respond to someone who is bullying or being mean to others?A6:Ignore them and report them to dizzywood.

Q7:How do you drop a skateboard trick? A7: Drop the trick from your backpack.

Q8:How do you make the rock pile in the explorer’s camp move faster?A8: Get as many people as possible to help you click away.

Q9:Which of the following is NOT a way to report a problem in dizzywood? A9: Run and tell Presto.

Q10: What is a bunnycorn’s favourite food? A10:cake.

Q11: Where can you find Olivia Kickflip?A11: Handing out skate clothes in Skytown Skatepark.

Q12: What is the best way you can be a good citizen?A12: Follow the code of conduct and have fun!


3 Responses

  1. *Gasp* a pathfinder Cheating??? lol

  2. just helping


  3. Thats very nice! I am already a pathfinder

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