Dizzywood friend Codes

Friend Codes
2:Username: Likerofknowledge
7.Username: lolsk8rgrllol
Code: Spider4749


18 Responses

  1. My friend code is Pocket2454. I repeat, my friend code is Pocket2454. And again, my friend code is
    Pocket2454. Pocket2454 Pocket2454 Pocket2454. I think that`s enough. 😀


  2. Mine is Cloud9321

  3. Username: xxGawguzGirl

    Friend Code: Snake7741

  4. hi mines train3343 plz use this!!! thx

  5. hi mines train3343 thx

  6. ummmmmmmmmmm could i ask u some thing??i dont get it friend code is it from dizzywood or what?

  7. you can get it from the explorer’s camp

  8. plz use this train3343 thx

  9. plz add my friend code, it’s: lawyer221

  10. can u plz put mine up there
    Username: lolsk8rgrllol
    Friend Code: Spider4749

    once again i ask PLZ PLZ PUT IT ON THER

    lol im begging like a dog im goin to stop now!!!

  11. u:jbgurl12

  12. thnx for putin my name up there maybe i can meet u on and addu sum day ok

  13. my password is yayme1 and user name is firegem though i didn’t work for me so anyone can have it!! 🙂

  14. uhmm… jbgurls password didn’t work did some one change it

  15. user: firegem
    it doesn’t work for me and i have a new one so anyone can have it

  16. its not my password it is my friend code.

  17. mine is Chair188 plz plz plz use it!!!!!!!!

  18. OMG FIREGEM, it works i’m so attachetd to it but ppl r getting her banned and stuff, messing up the rooms, i wish i could change the password!!!!
    mine is speaker148.
    Well not banned, but temporarily diasabled, plz OH PLZ MEET ME ON DIZZYWOOD AND IF U PLEASE CHANGE HER PASSWORD AND GIVE IT TO ME. It is the best account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO ME AT LEAST. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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